Design and Integration

Partners looking for customized vehicles capable of carrying specific sensors, cameras, communication devices, or other payloads can tap into our staff expertise and unique facilities to demonstrate feasibility. Our team has vast experience in the design and production of entirely new vehicles and integrating custom payloads into existing aircraft. 

Expert-Customized Solutions

Knowledge of software design and engineering, advanced materials, and propulsion allow the UMD UAS Research and Operations Center (UROC) team to assess project needs and design tailor-made payload integration solutions. Integration capabilities include software design and engineering, mechanical interfaces, electrical interfaces, and command and control.

Rapid Prototyping and Testing

UROC experts can also help design and test alterations to a vehicle's structure to accommodate partner-specific factors, such as unusually shaped payloads and prolonged flight times. Utilizing in-house Markforged and Ultimaker 3D printers, UROC engineers have access to very accurate and structurally robust rapid prototyping and integration for flight testing.